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Who am I?

Most recently working at Recast, a live & On Demand streaming platform, as Esports Editor I lead all esports business strategy, handling commercial discussions, content strategy for partners, product & gamification design for the platform, and more. Recast having 60+ full time employees in their Edinburgh office and valued at $90m, I was in discussion with most of the biggest esports orgs, tournament organisers and publisher around the world.

Prior to this at Esports Scotland, my most notable project was overseeing the transformation of the company's biggest IP, the Scottish Esports League. As the companies Head of Content and Creative Director/ Co-Project manager for the league, I redesigned the visual identity fully to better reflect the long term goals of the league: going from a grassroots event to a spectacle that convinces Scottish sports teams to expand into esports.

As a result the company received proactive interest from sponsors approaching us with requests to sponsor the league and a large number of teams developed enough interest to start work on a yet unannounced project.


What I do

Brand & Business Strategy

Goals but no plan? You'll need a strategy to understand how to reach your brand ambitions and navigate the Esports Industry.

Creative Director

Art Direction, Video Productions, Stage design, Live broadcast

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Consultancy & Content Production

Let's take a look at how you are presenting your business and together recalibrate to make sure the outside matches your goals.

Esports Identity Design

Brand and IP design to resonate with your audience.

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Who I've worked with

Gaming Tournament Winner
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Gaming Accessories
Video Game Designers


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"Dale worked as my creative director for multiple brand projects and content productions. His objective thinking kept the brand strategies we developed at the projects core and helped maintain our north star throughout."

Nikolay Malinov

Senior Graphic Designer

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"An absolute pleasure to work alongside, with his clear, concise communication and leadership in creative matters. I can attest to his professional demeanour, comforting attitude and ability to work seamlessly with a diverse cast of staff. Dale is the ideal candidate to join any creative team, and I can see him providing an invaluable skillset to the table!"

Fraser Johnson

Community Manager & Esports Presenter

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"He is clear and concise with any communication and is always happy to discuss the work to get a good result. He has a great eye for branding and social media and has done an amazing job developing the brand of Esports Scotland over the years he worked there. He would be a great asset to any company who is looking to develop in these areas."

Jonathan Gallagher

Esports Stream Coordinator

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I had the pleasure of working with Dale at Esports Scotland where he was a beacon of positivity. In a time where the organisation was going through both large changes and large challenges, Dale kept morale high, managed difficult relationships in a professional manner and overall was great to work with. I fully recommend him for any role requiring positive energy and creativity.

Ian LeBruce

Head of Marketing


As a kid, what interested me in sports the most were team’s logos. How a team looked and how cool their name was - that made me a fan or a nemesis.

I take that same perspective across all my esports work to find creative solutions that drive results. Making sure that a brand is shown how they seek to be represented and is set up for their long term goals in the industry.

Get in touch

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