Hey, my name is Dale and I'm an Esports Creative Director based in Edinburgh. I was born in New Jersey, raised across Scotland and lived in Toronto and Stuttgart for 4 months each. My experience living and working around the world has made me a versatile collaborator able to adjust to new environments quickly and understand the cultural background of the audiences my work is crafted for.

My approach to creating and publishing content comes down to knowing an audience and understanding why they care.


Endless River.jpg

- Facebook Video with 30,000 Views

- YouTube Video with 32k views

-Instagram Post with 25k likes

- Napier ERASMUS Photo & Video award (2016)

- EMPS 24hr Competition: Audience Choice Award (OCT 2013)

- Shooting Clerks

     - MFF Audience Choice Award

     - TBUFF Indie Spirit Award

     - OFF Indie Spirit Award

     - OFF Audience Choice Award

     - SC/SG Audience choice

     - SC/SG Best Picture