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Scottish Esports Network

Logo and identity design, brand Strategy, brand messaging, social content, event collateral, website

The brief

With the aim of connecting esports professionals across Scotland, the client tasked us with creating the full branding start to finish.

The execution

Balancing the brand's feeling of expertise and approachability was the biggest challenge. We created a kinetic system to feel like the converging conversations, the clashing and conjoining of opinions, while remaining exciting, governing and inherently esports.

SEN 2 poster mockup 1_0.jpg
SEN Coffee_Cup_Mockup 1.jpg

My Role


Founding the Scottish Esports network came from necasity, seeing a real need for connectivity in the nations competetive gaming scene. Most important to me though was telling a good story and building a strong brand to act as the foundations to be taken seriously and to make a genuine impact for businesses and real people alike. 

Writing on Sticky Notes

Strategy & Branding

In creating the brand, I had to balance feeling approachable and authoritative, which being fairly opposite attributes presented a significant challenge. 

The identity system I developed incorparated different pallets to be used with the appropriateness of the event. For example hosting 'leadership series' lectures and panels would rely on the rich purple and gold, while more approachable events lean into the teal and warm lavendar. 

In creating the logo I wanted to make something scaleable, diverse, established. Leaning into scottish imagery and playing with the concept of a 'divided industry' the split soltire created an abstract E in reference to Esports, as well as hiding the letters SEN in it's form. 

Lastly adding shape elements to refelect the motion, growth and convergernece I aimed to creat with the network, built a subconcoious feeling of cohesion between forces amassing to something bigger than it's parts.

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pexels-matheus-bertelli-3321796 (1) copy.jpg
SEN nametage mockup 1.jpg

The Result

Hosting 6 of the biggest esports business events ever in Scotland.

The creation of new Scottish esports businesses as a result of the networking

Enabling connectivity never before scene in Scotland

Commensing the first National Esports forum bringing together industry leaders to drive impactful change.

The Team

Full branding - Dale R Murray


Scottish Esports Network

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