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SEN 2 poster mockup 1_0.jpg

Scottish Esports Network

Logo and identity design, brand Strategy, brand messaging, social content, event collateral, website

The brief

With the aim of connecting esports professionals across Scotland, the client tasked us with creating the full branding start to finish.

The execution

Balancing the brand's feeling of expertise and approachability was the biggest challenge. We created a kinetic system to feel like the converging conversations, the clashing and conjoining of opinions, while remaining exciting, governing and inherently esports.

SEN 2 poster mockup 1_0.jpg
SEN Coffee_Cup_Mockup 1.jpg
presentation mockup 1.jpg
SEN nametage mockup 1.jpg
SEN 15mm_Lanyard_Mockup_2.jpg
SEN Free_Pen_Mockup_2.jpg
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The Team

Full branding - Dale R Murray


Scottish Esports Network

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