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Head of Gaming & Esports

The company

A platform that resets what it means to stream. Making access easier, rewarding creators better, and connecting through content. Where fans pay creators per view, rather than paying a platform subscription . And where up to 85% of the income goes directly to publishers. Recast offers a fairer split for creators and fairer choices for fans.

The role

Guiding the business through the world of esports, I worked with publishers to help make the best content possible and inform product and commercial strategy for the business.

  • Creating & overseeing business strategy for esports

  • Developing & maintaining relationships with new and existing partners/publishers

  • Creating content strategy for esports channels on recast

  • Helping develop esports focused product features & Gamification systems

  • Ensuring the company is authentic in esports throughout the business

  • Preparing the content team for growth and putting operational systems in place

  • Working alongside the commercial and partnership teams on CRM

What is recast:



Secured commercial conversations with the biggest esprots businesses in the world.

Educated C-suite and full staff on esports and our best strategic approach

Designed Gamification systems for the platform

Developed content pipeline.

Sold out 3 day event with 3000+ atendees

Developed new features and monetisation approaches.

Created company wide competetior analysis process and system.


Edinburgh | Scotland

Feb - Oct 2022

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