Whatever your needs, Video content can help solve your problems.

Product Promotions are a great way to showcase your products through a visual language consumers are used to seeing!

I love to tell the stories of products and what makes them unique. Through this the audience connects with human aspect of your business.

- Connoisseurs Barber Club -

Launching a bespoke beard oil, I worked with Connoisseurs to create video for Facebook, Instagram, IG stories, website and in shop 65" TV.


Event videos are a fantastic tool to help hype up an upcoming date or recap your audience for those that couldn't make it.

Capturing the atmosphere is the most imporant aspect to me as it really shows off what it's like to be there in person and demostrate the experience of the event.

- Brewhemia -

Highlighting the first big event of the Edinburgh Fringe, I worked with Brewhemia on a fast turanaround piece of social content showcasing the atmosphere and making non-attendees wish they could have made it.

Coporate video is an established form of communication and showcases the quality of businesses and their employees through human connection, which documents and powerpoints can't always portray.

- Edinburgh Napier University -

This video was made in collaboration with Napier Marketing Team.


For small brands and business unfamiliar with the demands of today's connected online consumers, I offer comprehensive services for managing all aspects of online branding, from websites to social media.

- Black Medicine Coffee Co. -

I am currently managing their Instagram and Facebook and assisting in creating stratagies to help grow their online presnce and get their employees more involved in the online identity of the shop.


Videojournalism is a combination of all of the skill used in the other areas of my work. It's important to tell the story of what's happen first and foremost but also capture the atmosphere and nuance of the realities of the situation.

- Popcornhub -

For the 75th EIFF I worked filming 10-15 press junkets and capturing the atmosphere of the festival and additionally doing press photography.


Coming from a musical background and once being a staple component of the Edinburgh music scene, I love working with artists to best capture their music visually and engage their audience through video. I've filmed and directed 10+ music videos reaching as much as 7k views.

- Aino Elina -

The video was concpetualised by the finnish artist and was filmed, directed & edited by myself. The concept is that she's exploring her imagination and embracing the childlike wonder within her.

Whether it's a club, restraunt or anything in between, a great space needs great video to capture what it's like to really be there.

Perfect for a facebook page cover video or showing off a space for hire.

- Civerinos -

I created facebook cover videos for both Civerinos and Civerinos Slice capturing the summer atmosphere of each location.


I edit most of my own work that I film and have worked on various projects in the dedicated post production role. I'm fluid with the Adobe suite and have been editing video for 8+ years.

- Esport Scotland TV -

I edited this piece, which was filmed entirely on green screen so required chroma keying and light motion graphics work so bring the whole piece together.


I have worked on a handful of drama productions from short student films to BBC and Netflix productions, in a wide variety of roles. My prefered position is Assistant Director, which I've worked as on 5 short films with an average budget of £6,000.

- Shooting Clerks -

The official Kevin Smith biopic, of which I was the Line Producer and Assembly Editor


Photography harmonizes well with video content and can be a great alternative in situations which don't require the complex process of video creation.

My main areas of photography are in Product and Portrait. I can also do retouching and photo editing to spruce up old snaps or give your photos a more consistent branding aesthetic.


Graduation videos are the perfect way to capture the atmosphere of the exciting day your studies have lead up to.

This is ideal for families that can't attend the ceremony in person but want to relive the moment into the future, and having something to help encapsulate your time studying.

This service can also be paired with photography for an all in one package captureing the day.


Pricing varies between projects because of many contributing variables. Therefore prices aren't a flat rate. Let me know what you're intersted in having done and I'll get back to you promptly with a quote.

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All available for rental & use in client projects.

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