Currently working for Esports Scotland, my most notable project has been overseeing the transformation of the company's biggest IP, the Scottish Esports League. As the companies Head of Content and creative director/ co project manager for the league, I redesigned the visual identity fully to better reflect the long term goals of the league: going from a grassroots event to a spectacle that convinces Scottish football teams to expand into esports. As a result we've established interest from more than half of the Scottish Premier League teams and even gone as far as starting work on a yet unannounced project that's set to transform the Scottish esports landscape. In addition we received proactive interest from sponsors approaching us with requests to sponsor the league. 


What I do

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Creative Director

Art Direction, Video Productions, Stage design, Live broadcast

Esports Identity Design

Brand and IP design to resonate with your audience.

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Brand & Content Consultancy

Let's take a look at how you are presenting your business and together recalibrate to make sure the outside matches your goals.

Brand Strategy

Goals but no plan? You'll need a strategy to understand how to reach your brand ambitions.

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Gaming Tournament Winner
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Gaming Accessories
Video Game Designers



As a kid, what interested me in sports the most were team’s logos. How a team looked and how cool their name was - that made me a fan or a nemesis.

I take that same perspective across all my esports work to find creative solutions that drive results. Making sure that a brand is shown how they seek to represented and is set up for their long term goals in the industry.

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