Drama Productions


Shooting Clerks

Line Producer, Assembly Editor

On this film I was the Line Producer, Assembly Editor and a member of the ensemble cast. To date the film has won 6 awards and has been received with international acclaim. In April 2017 the film had it's first UK screening, a sold out event at Edinburgh Comic Con followed by a screening at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

Shadow in the Valley
1st Assistant Director

Shadow in the Valley is a short film I worked on last year set in glencoe, following a photographer being led through the wilderness by a local gamekeeper.


The shoot was incredibly difficult at times as the entirety of the production time was cold, windy and rainy, going even to the extremes of horizontal hail. To add to this difficulty every scene was an external giving us little to no break from the elements.


To help get everyone through I frequently gathered everyone around to participate in group warm up and team building exercises, without which the moral would have been stiflingly low and battered.


Shadow photo 1
Shadow photo 2
Shadow photo 3
Shadow photo 4
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Shadow photo 6

Harlaw Water Horse

1st Assistant Director

Harlaw Water Horse is a Scottish Screen Academy Graduate Short Film directed by Alijcia Jankowska

Shot in the Scottish borders, communication was a massive barrier to push through having no phone reception or internet and being too far from base camp to use walkies talkies. The shoot lasted 5 days, 4 of which involved day & night shoots. This aspect of pushing the crew hard meant it was important for me to insure morale levels remained high, something I was really happy with the results having finished our hardest night in torrential rain several hours earlier than expected due to my efforts.

Harlaw Photo 1
Harlaw Photo 2
Harlaw Photo 3
Harlaw Photo 4