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esports scotland

Content Manager

With the central aim of continuing the growth of the

esports industry within Scotland, in my time in this

role I have successfully combined my knowledge and

experience from digital media production and social media management. This allowed me to effectively oversee the execution of all content and drive engagement for both B2C & B2B partners and events.

This has included:
- Structuring the content team for efficient remote collaboration with fast turnaround & delivery.
- Recruiting and managing team members across the full range of content disciplines.
- Advising business partners on content strategy & conception.
- Creating & enacting content strategies for B2B & B2C events and off-season community engagement.
- Serving as Art Director for all visualisations of the brand.
- Successfully developing and rebranding original IP such as Scottish Esports League and BigFest Online.
- Overseeing and assisting with the creation of all video, graphic, written & audio content.
- Advising on business decisions across departments relating to stakeholder brand engagement.


Esports Scotland's goal is to help facilitate and grow Scottish Esports like it’s never been done before! Following the success of 3 seasons of the Scottish Esports League, we aim to continue our growth and allow more people to enjoy and participate in competitive gaming across Scotland. ​


Black Medicine Coffee Co

content creator & social media manager

During my time at Black Medicine Coffee Co I transformed their instagram into one of the top performing coffee shop instagram accounts in Edinburgh, without using any paid ads.


My responisibilites included: Photography, photo editing, social media optimising, digitizing comics, audience engagment, video creation, marketing strategy, measuring analytics and more.


Instagram Statistics while working there

April 23rd 2019

Followers : 1,464


Avg Engagement : 9.5%

Impressions : 6,790

Average Likes per post: 126

Most liked post: 1,078

+ 220%  or + 816

+ 136 per month

43 vs 136 (likes per post)

+5,990 or +280%

+52 or +170%

+966 or +1000%

Pre October 25th 2018

Followers : 620


Avg Engagement : 7%

Impressions : 800

Average Likes per post: 74

Most liked post :  112


Civerinos Food Club

Video Marketing

Civerinos is a multi award winning Italian restaurant chain in Edinburgh.

I collaborated with Civerinos on two projects to date, the first of which has amounted 31k views on Facebook, the second being facebook cover videos for both of their restraunts.

This video was designed to get people involved with the lifestyle associated with grabbing a slice in the city and having a meal in your hand. The project was shot for Instagram stories and Facebook, optimizing the shooting and editing style to get the best impact with viewers on each platform.


connoiseurs barber Club

Video Marketing & AV

Connoisseurs Barber club is an Edinburgh barber shop focused on giving customers  a high quality bespoke experience from their unique shop at the Edinburgh Arches.

I worked with them to create promotional videos for the launch of their own beard oil. I wanted to create a range of videos specific to each platform they would be posted on across; Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, their website and an AV display on the 50inch TV in the barbers'.

Instagram Video